ANNOUNCEMENT: The Shape Of The Things To Come. Direct3D.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Shape Of The Things To Come. Direct3D.

Postby gtokas » Fri Jun 29, 2007 1:37 pm

As all of you saw the last months my currently series of articles dealing with Direct3D.
This month I documented a Font class for displaying text with Direct3D and also how to display 3D text, along with some changes to the main display class (TCDX9Screen).
Next there will be: Lights, Camera, Action....
As I read a long time ago...
For this I have to document a Lights class (TCDX9Light), a Camera class (TCDX9Camera) and a Model class (TCDX9Model).
The Camera class is a very small one but the Light and Model class needs much more documentation.
So I decided to give you a taste of what is all about with a Demo you can download from: (~2.5Mb)
Inside the zip file you will find 2 executables:
Project.exe & Project2.exe
I suggect to run first "Project.exe". You will see an axe rotated from it's center. You maybe dodn't like the animation but be my guest and resize the window as you like and check it out. Escape closes the application as usual in my projects.
After that run Project2.exe and see animation of 3 models rotating at a different axis (x,y,z) with lights pointing from the camera perspective.
Your input here is crucial for me.
Thank you.

George Tokas.
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