Is software becoming more buggy with each new version?

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How should Borland have moved with the C++ Builder product line?

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Is software becoming more buggy with each new version?

Postby graphicequaliser » Thu May 11, 2006 8:30 am

I have entertained this notion for a while now, and I see Borland making the same mistakes. They believe that if they try to support every new-fangled Redmond invention before it has even got past Beta (Net 2 and CLI/C++, for example), things will be easy. Durrrrr! Wake up Borland management!

You see, if they had decided not to incorporate C++ Builder into the Delphi/.Net/C# (and whatever else M$ think up) IDE, perhaps they might have produced a C++ Builder 7 that actually improved on BCB5!

At the time, many people said it would be a good idea to take BCB into the Delphi IDE, but they did not correctly appraise the problems that would be entailed. We now have a farce known as BDS2006 C++ Builder personality (with no functional help) and it leaks memory like no predecessor - a real step backwards IMO.

At this rate, Borland will go under before they have a chance to fix the BDS product. So, I'll be stuck using BCB5 - oh well, it has served me well for the past 6 years - I suspect it will continue to be the best RAD C++ IDE in the world for many years to come. Certainly, MS VS will never be the same thing, and will never be as RAD - it is designed differently.

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