writing and reading components to and from a binary blob

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writing and reading components to and from a binary blob

Postby Azazaz » Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:11 am

I have a couple of routines that very successfully writes and reads a couple of 3rd-party vcl graphic-oriented components to and from blobs, allowing me to preserve the components' exact states and relationships between runs of the application.

As far as it goes, it works very well, but I'm concerned about how to handle matters if and when either component is updated? They are 3rd-party components, written in Pascal, and yes, I have access to the source code, but I'm wondering what sort of challenges it will present when one or both of the component code changes and my application is trying to read an older version of the component from the blob field?

Should I be able to add code to the routine to handle this? How? Should I make an effort to update all the blobs immediately anytime the components change in the future? How?

I'm just throwing this out there in a kind of generalized way, hoping for a little bit of a sense of direction. While the initial approach seems to work very well for my purpose, I have never done this kind of thing before with a component, so I'm not too sure what the issues are or what to expect.

Any insights appreciated.
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